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Spring Break Camp
SAn Antonio, Texas
Featuring Scott Herbster

March 13-17, 2023

Over the course of a hockey season many hours of practice are devoted to team concepts. 


Unfortunately, this leaves very little time for coaches to focus on individual one on one instruction and players to continue their personal skill development in season.


Games are where all the excitement happens, but the true growth and magic happens in practice through repetition of the fundamentals.

So we are excited to announce that Scott Herbster, founder of Herbster Hockey, will be instructing our C2C Spring Break camp as he helps to reinforce the building blocks that will help each player become their very best. 


  • Improve their understanding of the game

  • Increase their skill level

  • Improve their decision making

  • Help them reach their max potential


The better player you become the more fun you have out on the ice and that's the whole reason we got into the sport to begin with!


The only way to do that is through practice, repetitions, and then applying what we learn into game situations.

We are excited to be partnering with Sauce Toss for our spring break camp. Each registered player will receive a Sauce Toss Go - valued at $139.99


CAMP tentative  SCHEDULE

This camp will consist of 10 hours of on-ice training and 5 hours of off-ice training as well as video and mobility/stretch sessions.


The players will skate for 2 hours each day with a 1 hour off-ice training session followed by video/stretch. 

The final hour on Friday will feature our "Battle of the Blades" scrimmage and situational game play so players can apply the new skills and concepts they learn directly to game situations.

  • Power Skating included to improve skating mechanics and efficiency


  • Dry Land Training designed to quicken and strengthen skating stride and improve balance and mobility


  • Focuses on the refinement of fundamentals skills both on and off the ice


  • Advancing into more complex and sophisticated drills and teaching techniques


  • Players will be pushed out of their comfort zone in preparation for the upcoming season, try outs or evaluation camps.


  • Develop and advance your skills in a demanding, yet positive and fun environment


  • Small area competition drills - battle and competing skills


  • Learning how to execute at a higher pace of play


  • Hockey Specific Fitness and Conditioning

Specific times TBA but sessions will start around 8am, and players will be done for the day no later than 1pm. Registered Players will receive a detailed schedule via email at least one week prior to camp start date. 

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