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OFF-Ice Training

Welcome to the Coast 2 Coast "Hockey Factory," the premier destination for off-ice hockey training in San Antonio, Texas. 


Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to enhance every aspect of your game, helping you reach your full potential and excel on the ice.


Our team of trainers consists of current and former hockey players who possess a deep understanding of the sport and its unique demands. 


With their expertise, they will structure personalized training protocols tailored to your specific needs and goals. 


Whether you're a beginner looking to develop a solid foundation or an advanced player striving for elite performance, our trainers will guide you every step of the way.


At Coast 2 Coast, we prioritize individual attention and offer one-on-one personalized off-ice training sessions. 


This exclusive approach ensures that you receive focused instruction and maximize your training time. 


Our trainers will work closely with you, addressing your strengths and weaknesses to create a comprehensive training program that targets all areas essential for hockey success.


Our training sessions encompass a wide range of areas crucial to hockey development. 


From improving mobility, agility, flexibility, coordination, and strength to enhancing speed and conditioning, we cover every aspect necessary for you to elevate your game to new heights. 


Our facility is fully equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources, enabling you to train at the highest level.

We offer a number of options from training packages to individual drop-in sessions.


Here is how the process works:


To schedule a training session, review the calendar of available sessions with one of our trainers by clicking a button below. 

Once you have found a time that is convenient for you, book directly from our website by clicking the "Registration" button below.



Once you have registered and completed payment, go back to the calendar and lock-in your training session for the time you want. 


Get ready to embrace the power of personalized training and ignite your hockey journey with us.

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Training Facility

The Coast 2 Coast Training Center is a 5,000+ square foot sports performance facility located in San Antonio, Texas.


This premium facility is "world class" and has been specifically designed for hockey and athletic development.


We are conveniently located inside the Northwoods Ice Center which is located at 17530 Henderson Pass, San Antonio.


We are approximately 7 miles (10 minute drive) from the San Antonio International Airport.


You have the ability to Uber or Taxi to or from the rink, or there is a Rental Car facility right in the airport terminal which offers many rental car options if needed.


Our off-ice training program allows players to take their game to the next level and transform their abilities.

However, it's not just the facility, each one of our coaches has played at the professional, college, or junior level.

We also bring in feature elite level coaches that have expeirence working with players of all ages to provide different perspectives, tactics, techniques, and teaching styles.  

Research proves that a better athlete equals a better hockey player.

There are five main components to the training center:

  • Synthetic Ice Shooting Station (shooting, stickhandling, hockey skills)

  • Sports Turf (speed, agility, plyometrics, athleticism)

  • Weight Room (strength, power, mobility, flexibility)

  • Boxing Station (hand/eye coordination & confidence)

  • Video Room (analysis, hockey IQ)


Join us this spring and summer to continue your skill development and transform as a person, athlete, and player.

The environment, facilities and training are top notch, and we will be bringing in some high level instructors as well as partner Brent Burns of the NHL Carolina Hurricanes, who will be here assisting on and off the ice as his schedule permits.

To provide the most professional environment and experience for our players, we have our own dedicated NHL quality locker room which is equipped with:

  • Individual player lockers

  • Big screen TV's in Locker Room and Gym

  • Sound System

  • Skate Sharpener

  • Players Lounge

  • Personal Lockers 

  • Coaches Office

  • Academy Classroom

  • Medical Area

  • Hot Tub

  • Nutrition/ Supplement / Hydration / Snacks and Coffee Station

  • Full Size Showers and Bathrooms


The Coast 2 Coast locker room serves as our organization's own private space for all sessions and camps and allows our players to prepare and learn in a high level setting. 

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