June 12th-16th, 2023

Girls hockey is on the rise and all of us at Coast 2 Coast are excited to offer a GIRLS ONLY skating and hockey skills camp at our facility here in Texas.

As girls hockey continues to grow, the opportunity for players to advance and play at a higher level continues to expand.  


It is evident how hard girls work and how dedicated to this craft they are.

Our girls have made remarkable improvement in their skill level and continue to develop at an amazing pace.


Our Inaugural C2C Girls Elite Camp will focus on skating fundamentals, edge work, speed, quickness, puck control, puck protection and situational awareness. 


We challenge you to ask yourself one question....


Why not me?


Camp Tentative Schedule

This camp will consist of 10 hours of on-ice training and 5 hours of off-ice training. 

The players will skate for 2 hours each day with a 1 hour off-ice training session followed by video and mobility/stretch sessions.

  • Power Skating included to improve skating mechanics and efficiency

  • Dry Land Training designed to quicken and strengthen skating stride and improve balance and mobility

Players will need to be ready and on the ice at 8:45 a.m. daily with a pick-up time of 1:00 p.m. daily. (Monday - Friday) 

Registered players will receive a detailed schedule via email one week prior to the camp start date. 


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