The Story Of Two Hockey Players...

One early spring evening, two hockey players celebrated a National Midget ‘AAA’ Championship win with their teammates.

These two players were the same age, with roughly the same hockey ability.

Both were all-star caliber players and among the league leaders in many statistical categories.

They both had received the same coaching throughout their youth hockey careers, and even attended the same off-season hockey camps.

Both were filled with dreams of getting a college scholarship and becoming professional hockey players one day.

By all accounts, their prospects for success were equally good.

Years later, these men ran into one another at a rink in the off season, 10 years after their championship win.

They both still had many things in common.

Both had gone on to play junior hockey.

Both were still playing hockey, and they were once again amongst the statistical leaders in each of their respective leagues.

But there was one major difference...

One of these players was now playing beer league and working 60 hours a week as a construction worker.

The other was making millions of dollars playing in the NHL, living the life they both had dreamed about as young boys.

If you are like me, when you hear a story like that, you wonder what made the difference between these two players?

We all know stories like this, and we know it isn’t always raw talent or even perseverance or dedication.

It isn’t that one person has a burning desire and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in the compounding effects of our choices.

You see, the formula for success is identical to the formula for failure.

In most cases, failure does not occur in an instant.

It is the unavoidable result of an accumulation of poor choices over a long period of time.

Why would someone continue to make poor choices day after day?

Because they think it doesn’t really matter.

Have you ever slept in or been late?